Dr. David Shulkin VA Secretary for Trump is responsible for 300 Veterans Deaths

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 Doctor Death  David Shulkin

 Dr. David Shulkin VA Secretary  A.K. A.  Doctor Death 

Dr. Shulkin is the cause of 300 Veterans deaths in one year as Undersecretary at the VA Hospitals. He was the number 3, top executive. Dr. Shulkin is like Hitler’s officer’s  who were responsible for the deaths of Jews and were held accountable for the following orders against Humanity.  Moreover, that would be Dr. Shulkin's boss  - Bob Mc Donald.

I would say  Dr. David Shulkin is not to be confirmed by the Senate. Also, the Federal Union is too active for Doctor David Shulkin MD  to make a big difference. 

The VA’s foundation is broken.  A doctor trying to save a leg infected with [Gangrene] must cut off the leg to save a life.  The VA  has Gangrene and has to be closed, transferring patients to regular hospitals where veterans can receive better treatment. 

How many more veterans are going to die while Dr. David Shulkin figures how to turn the VA around. 

Dr. David Shulkin's actions are in violation of the constitution amendment V,  which is a felony.  If indeed a patient dies in the commission of a felony that becomes felony murder and in violation of Medical Ethics.  Dr. Shulkin can now be named  VA's "Doctor Death" 

 Written by Dan Martinez CEO 

Cc: to Senators:  Johnny  Isakson, Richard Blumenthal, Jerry Moran, John Boozman, Dean Heller, Bill Cassidy, Mike Rounds, Thomas Tillis, Dan Shullivan, Patty Murry, Bernie Sanders, Sherrod Brown, Jon Tester, Mazie Hirono, and Joe Manchin.