20 Vet Organizations want to keep Bob Mc Donald as Secretary of VA Why

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20 Veterans Groups Petition for McDonald to remain VA Secretary

In response to the Veterans group who petition President-elect Donald Trump to retain Bob Mc Donald as VA Secretary, these groups want to save their Jobs and continue to scam Veterans and gain favor with Secretary Bob Mc Donald.  Bob Mc Donald intends to operate the VA as a business and wants to earn Veterans Trust.

Let me make it clear to these 20 organizations; just too name a few, DAV, American Legion, VFW, AUSA, AMVET, AUSA AVC, VFER,  Wounded Warriors, and so forth, are engaged in the Unauthorized Practice of Law.

The reason is simple.  Organizations trying to assist former Veterans who are now civilians on bodily injury/disability claims must be an attorney who has the authority to provide legal advice to civilian Veterans.  It makes no difference if The VA recognizes those 20 organizations. It is not the VA’s authority to determine "The Unauthorized Practice of Law."  Only the court can grant permission to an Organization to assist civilian veteran on “ANY” bodily injury/disability claim.

When Dan Martinez is Secretary of Veterans Affairs,  the privilege to assist Veterans shall be taken away from those  20 organization, pending a court’s decision to grant that right to such an organization to practice,  "The Unauthorize Practice of Law".

Many Veterans have died because of improper representation from these 20 + organizations who claim they help Veterans settle their disability claims.

In essences,  if the court rules, an organization is engaged in the Unauthorize Practice of Law, those entities receive fines of  $10,000 per claim, which could add up billions of dollars under the "Consumers Protection Act." 

Stop now or be ready to defend your organization in court.  It does not matter if an organization has been doing non-profit services for years. Once the case enters courts, the court now has the duty to decide the case.     

Dan Martinez for Secretary of Veterans Affairs.         

Cc: President-elect  Donald J. Trump