Bob Mc Donald Warns Trump Don't Privatize The VA Hospitals

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Bob Mc Donald Secretary of VA Warms Trump Not to Privatize VA Hospitals  Why ?

 Bob McDonald, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs,

                             Stand Down.


I am sure you understand that concept during your WestPoint education.

Your interview mentioned in the Fortune Magazine was almost incomprehensible by your suggesting the Veterans Hospital, competitively, should be ran like a business. [ Dec. 3. 2016]  I might have believed your argument if “ALL” VA employees, not to leave out other Government employees, to include member of Congress and the Senate, received their Medical care at the Veterans Hospitals.  Then, and only then, your statement of running The VA Hospital like a business would indeed be factual.  Unfortunately, that has not been the case for over 50 years, if not more.    

It is a Fact that 99 % of Government employees received the care from local Hospital and Doctors. They do not use the VA Hospitals. Why!

Veterans for approximately 1% of the entire United States and you’re still trying to make the VA Hospitals competitive, when Government employees will not use The VA Hospitals for their personal care. Your argument of competitiveness is perplexing in the business world.

As businessman, veteran and entrepreneur, I will close all VA Hospitals and let that 1 % of veteran who sacrifice their Lives to protect the United States of America go to the Hospitals and Doctors of their choice, rather than die or suffer waiting for care from the VA Hospital.

 The closing of the hospital will save 3 trillion dollars in 10 years. As a fact, that will be used to provide higher benefits to our Veterans and provide them jobs when they return.  That is a common-sense business approach.

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Dan Martinez, Candidate for Secretary of Veterans Affairs      

Cc. Donald J. Trump President-elect