David Shulkin tapped as Trump's VA Secretary| Dan Martinez

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David Shulkin Tapped as Trump's VA Secretary | Dan Martinez

Trump’s newest appointment;  VA Under Secretary/Chief Executive of Veterans Health Administration Dr. David J. Shulkin for Secretary of Veterans Affairs is a Slap in the face to Veterans. 

Unless the VA Hospitals become dismantled, the unions will fight Dr. David J. Shulkin, restricting his ability to restructure VA Hospital’s corruption.  It is apparent Trump was unable to deliver his promise to Veterans by appointing another VA employee in the epicenter of the corruption scandal to be, Secretary of Veterans Affairs.  

Dr. Shulkin appointment is a sad moment for former combatants to included doctors/surgeon’s integrity in private practice.   The United Federal Workers of America ( UFWA) Broke Trump -  Veterans will contunue to die.

Dan Martinez  CEO @ ICC Underwriters

Dan Martinez For Secretary of Veterans Affairs