Dr. Cosgrove increase VA Hospital cost to Taxpayers

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Cleveland Clinic CEO Dr. Toby Cosgrove's warning to all US hospitals Nov.22, 2016 


Dan Martinez has read Dr. Cosgrove warning to hospitals which I strongly disagree.   As an Insurance executive, Dr. Cosgrove position is to consolidate civilian hospital, so that they can eliminate competition and therefore, be in a better barraging position to charge more for fees for service from insurance companies.  Insurance companies have laughed at this idea for the past 50 years.  The Rico Act.  18 U.S. Code Chapter 96.  Trumps Dr. Cosgrove’s argument. Even the ACA did not hurt the insurance companies.  But did hurt the Doctors and Hospitals.   

Based on Dr. Cosgrove’s November 22, 2016 article, it would be difficult to consolidate the VA Hospitals to make them competitive unless ALL Government Employees are required to go to the VA Hospitals, Surgeon, and Doctors.  Dr. Cosgrove’s videos, suggested that it is easier to train a doctor about business than it is to train a businessman about medicine.

 As an expert in medical malpractice, here’s is the truth. Doctors go to medical school and their examinations are (true and false questions) (multiple choice and fill in the blanks).  Doctors are not trained on how to write medical reports in layman terms in medical school. Therefore, that triggers abundant of lawsuits against Doctors and Hospitals.  Doctors have testified in trials of the lack of medical writing in layman terms.  So, if anyone wants to call me a lair, now is the time to make your comment.  

 My take away from this article is that Dr. Cosgrove wants to scam the insurance companies for higher fees, which is passed onto the public, ACA and a violation of medical ethics.

I don’t see anything that Dr. Cosgrove can offer the VA system other than to ask congress for more money to pay doctors, which would be passed on to tax-payers.

To be fair, I would like Cosgrove to write his plan how he can make the VA better than the other three directors, Principi, Shinseki, and Bob Mc Donald.  And, to convey why Dan Martinez’s idea, who is an expert in Hospital Administration and Medical Malpractice, to close ALL VA Hospitals and shift medical care to Local hospitals would be a bad idea for Veterans, taxpayers, and creating more jobs. Falling short of that, Dr. Cosgrove MD, is just another high paid doctor in the civilian sector which I would have to defend in a malpractice claim against the hospital he works for.   Dr. Cosgrove pay at The Cleveland Clinic is 2.1 Million annually.  Secretary of Veterans Affairs, the pay is only $199,000 annually.    

Based on theses figures inclusive of the consolidation theory, Dr. Cosgrove's intent is to scam the Government and Insurance Companies for higher pay for his medical comrades, which would be passed on to taxpayers. We Can Next Dr. Cosgrove As Not a Fit.   

Dan Martinez For Secretary of Veterans Affairs