Military Times Article Dec 11 2016 about Bob McDonald

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Military Times Article Dec 11, 2016 About Bob Mc Donald 



Military Times, article Dec. 11, 2016 " McDonald Hopes his work serves as a blue print for the Trump Administration."  I am a veteran. I have worked for the VA Hospitals in the cardiology department for 4 years during my internship.  “All” surgeons were brought in from Local Hospitals to perform Heart Transplants and other surgeries.  ALL Neurosurgeons and Neurologist were brought in also. 

Because of my expertise in the internal operations of the VA Hospitals, I am an expert on those affairs.  Who will challenge me.  Every veteran has had the same sickness as every other American. There is nothing special. The VA Hospital is nothing special. 

Let me clear things up for you.  The VA employees want to keep their jobs and will lie to the American people that they spent a lot of money on research and development.  Alternatively, their research and development is, searching for Doctors and surgeons to perform treatment on veterans because VA surgeons can’t perform the best surgery.   So, the VA categorize [research and development] to the American people as those they are creating science. The VA is not a medical school.

 It is true that the VA does have residency program so that intern doctors can practice on veterans like  “genny pigs.” We Vets are “NOT” genny pigs.   Also, Interns can get their school loan reduced as an intern.  However, those doctors do not stay after their internship because they can’t make any money. 

                          Note, THE BEST DOCTORS ARE NOT AT THE VA HOSPITALS. 

Oh, one thing, I have placed my name with the Trump Administration for Secretary of Veterans Affairs. I possess, ICC Third Party Administrators, ICC Underwriters and consult with Doctors and Surgeon on “LinkedIn.”  My expertise is in Hospitals Administration and Medical Malpractice.

 I am a taxpayer and I want my tax dollars to help Veterans receive the best care from the best Doctors and hospitals that money can buy.  The VA cannot and will "not" provide this to our veterans.  50 years have past and we are still having vetertans dying waiting for care.  Don’t blame congress, blame Mc Donald and other failed Secretaries of Veterans Affairs.

There is no room for failure. When the VA fails, Veterans die to the degree of 80,300  in a ten year period on American soil waiting for medical care.  

If  I had my way, I would prosecute Mc Donald for “extreme gross negligence, ” if Obama doesn’t pardon him. Bob McDonald is just a person who needs a job and is lying to the American people. Bob could not stand up to Dan Martinez in a debate because  Dan will bring him to shame.

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Dan Martinez, CEO