Pete Hegselth not qualifed for Sec. of Veterans Affairs

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ICC    Global  Administrative Services   Dan Martinez for Secretary of Veterans Affairs  Under the Trump Administration -  Senator Jerry Moran  

Pete Hegseth, has the same unqualified skills to lead the Veteran’s Administration as Sarah Palin, Jeff Miller,Scott Brown, Toby Cosgrove Admiral Michelle Howard, and Louis Quinonez . 

 These candidates cannot deliver a signature achievement to Donald Trump that will  be in place at the Veterans administration for decades with Dan Martinez as Secretary of  Veterans Affairs  If President- elect trump would allow Dan to debate with the four potential nominees, Dan would bring them to shame and they would stop playing games and therefore, will withdraw their interest.

Dan would bring to the table that he is the best candidate over Scott Brown, Jeff Miller, Pete Hegseth ,Sarah Palin Dr. Toby  Admiral Michelle Howard,Toby Cosgrove and Louis Quinonez  for Secretary of Veterans Affairs - here’s why”.  

1.           The first 120 days, I will close all VA Hospitals allowing veterans to use local doctors and hospitals of their choice with no co- pay or deductible.

a. The United States has thousands of Doctors and Hospitals that can give our Veterans Immediate care. The VA will never “ever” have waiting list/line for medical care again.

b. There will be federal unions contesting the closure of hospitals, but they have no authority of any kind to keep VA hospital’s open.  This will be one of Trump's signature achievements for decades to come.

c. To offset the cost, VA hospitals will be sold to the private sector which will update the hospitals to meet medical regulations and AMA guidelines. right now the VA is not regulated by a accredited medical board. 

d. keeping the VA hospitals open is a waste of money and the lives of 80,000 veterans who have died waiting for proper care.     

2.           The second 120 days Dan shall settle ALL backlogs claims and Appeals of 420,000 filed by veterans for disability benefits. 

a.  This will happen by requiring every staff member and management to expedite claim immediately to complete the claims process to the end and not pass it on to another department to gather addition information.  “Get on the phone to claimants and get the information you need to complete the claim”.  This will eliminate years of backlogs. "Just pick up the damn phone."

3.           The Third 120 days Dan shall simplify/ rewrite the VA’s Administrative rules/ regulations so that our VA system will never “ever” be backlogged again.

a. VA language has been modified so much that VA employees misinterprets the rules and regulations on a continuous basis, even to a point of arguing on the interpretation of a simple word or medical terminology and procedures. Dan will end that immediately. 

4.           None of the above candidates have internal operation experience with  the veterans administration. They can't  get this job done and at the same time  give the veterans better care and benefits in a timely manner. The above mentioned  candidates can't  save  more than 3 trillion taxpayer's  dollars that can be used to build up our depleting military and to provide our veterans with higher benefits.  If indeed they can, they should speak out with  their ideas with specificity so that the American people can know if Jeff Miller, Scott Brown, Pete Hegseth, Plain, Admiral Michelle Howard,  Dr. Cosgrove and Louis Quinonez  are indeed qualified to hold this position.        

5.            Save tax-payers 3 trillion dollars in 10 years. At the same time, Veterans will receive higher benefits for their disabilities and better medical care from local doctors and Hospitals.

a. This savings can be used to bring down our national deficient or to be used to support Trump's infrastructure plan in creating Jobs for veterans.

b. Pay higher benefits to our injured and disabled veterans to include, but not limited, to families benefits.  


Dan has 35 years’ experience processing benefits claims in product liability, Medical Malpractice, Hospital Risk Management, Audits and investigation, Fidelity/ Fiduciary Investigation, Workers’ Compensation, Legal Malpractice, Fraud Investigation, Medical Mal-Practice, Aviation liability, Hospital Mal-Practice, Construction and OHSA regulations to include benefit examiner at the VA.  

Dan was a member of the US Army graduating top in his class with a top-secret clearance.  

Dan Martinez objective is to [drain the swamp of corruption] within the Veterans Administration and pilot a program to close VA hospitals, transferring ALL care to local hospitals, to assure veterans get the immediate medical care they need. Dan advocates simplifying VA language and administrative laws/procedures to make it easier for disability payments/ benefits to be paid to Veterans.

Robert Mc Donald is unfit to be secretary of Veterans Affair. 22 veterans die everyday because of Mc Donald's poor leadership in providing veterans with the proper care and benefits  that veterans deserve.    Example 8 Veterans were sexually assaulted by a VA Doctor while seeking treatment for PTSD.  Under Martinez's Administration, not one veteran will die for the lack of not receiving prompt medical treatment or having experiencing sexual assault from doctors.  For example: 22 Veterans die every day X 362 days a year = 8,030 death. If  multiple by 10 years, a total of 80,300 veterans have died.  This will STOP when Dan is chosen as Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs.        

If the  above nominees can do this as promptly as Dan Martinez, then Dan gladly will withdraw.

Are there any challengers.?   

Call your state representative or Donald Trump to let them know about Dan Martinez for Secretary for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Dan hold a BS in administration and has attended President School of Law.

Dan is the CEO and founder of ICC  Third Party Administrators, ICC Underwriters and  is a  legal consultant for Doctors an Surgeons  Globally in the field of Medical Malpractice.  Dan knows what it takes to negotiate benefits and run a better Veterans Administration.    

Dan Martinez ICC, CEO          

Conversation with a concern Veteran About Pete Hegseth's Qualifications  

Dan Martinez  respectfully hears what you are saying and the VA has been doing just like you have said for 50 years. However, we have lost over 300,000 veterans waiting for medical care since that time. In just one year under Bob Mc Donald admin. 300 vets died.

Someone must be held accountable for the deaths of veterans on America soil due to a failed VA Administration. I am an expert in legal liability claims to include, but not limited to, Medical Malpractice, Hospital Administration and VA claims.

I will be prosecuting violations against Bob Mc Donald myself after the Trump inauguration. Yes, I have supported Donald Trump since the inception on his campaign. I like Pete Hegseth, dr. Cosgrove  and others but they have no idea what they are  getting into. The executives will rip them apart and set him up to fail because of thier  ignorance in the medical field and disability benefit claims. Just like they did to Eric Ken Shinseki, a retired Army General.  Bob Mc Donald has tried the business approach and has failed.  What can Admiral Michelle Howard  present that has not already been tried.  Veteran  are tired of having the VA  babysit incompetency which are killer our veterans. Dan have staff who Dan trust ready to replace VA staff with expertise in handling claims and writing policy and regulations making it easier to receive VA Benefits .

I know when someone is better than I. If Pete Hegseth knows Medical Mal Practice, Hospital Administration, legal liability claims, Human resources, better than I, then, I will endorse him and stand down. If not, my responsibility is to the dead Veterans who lost their lives on American soil waiting for medical care from the VA administration.

In 2 days with the snap of my finger, I can close All VA hospitals and Veterans would never miss an appointment to see a doctor, surgeon or psychiatrist. I have given myself 120 days for the transition. There are thousands of hospital and doctors, in the private sector, ready to pick up the business.

So, what about the VA employees? Well, the private hospitals will be more than willing to hire them and the insurance companies are ready to hire claim examiners and train them correctly. The VA employee’s transition is nothing compared to the death of Veterans.

So, let's say Pete Hegseth or anyone else gets the job. If one Veteran dies waiting for care or there is a waiting time to see a doctor and a vet dies waiting for treatment that person [MUST] be included in the lawsuit. Sorry, the candidates must know the risk involved.

It will be Hegseth and Dr. Cosgrove choice if they want to take on the risk of prosecution when Dan Martinez files a lawsuit against Bob Mc Donald for violation of the constitution V, IX, XIV, [sic]... and other claims to include allegations of Felony Murder.

Dan Martinez for Secretary of Veterans Affairs