Phoenix VA Hospital will be the first to close under the Trump Administration

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ICC    Global  Administrative Services   Dan Martinez for Secretary of Veterans Affairs  Under the Trump Administration -  Senator Jerry Moran  

 The Phoenix VA Hospital will be the first to close under the Trump Administration 

Should  Dan Martinez be chosen by the Trump administration  the Phoenix Hospital will be the first to close to include:  El Paso, Nashville, Memphis and Murfresboro VA Hospitals. Under the Trump Administration, there are no second and third chances to get it right. You do your job right the first time or your're - fired. "Veterans cannot be dying because of incompetency in our  VA Hospital system. "   

1.           The first 120 days, Dan  will close all VA Hospitals allowing veterans to use local doctors and hospitals of their choice with no co- pay or deductible.

a. The United States has thousands of Doctors and Hospitals that can give our Veterans Immediate care. The VA will never “ever” have waiting list/line for medical care again.

b. There will be federal unions contesting the closure of hospitals, but they have no authority of any kind to keep VA hospital’s open.  This will be one of Trump's signature achievements for decades to come.

c. To offset the cost, VA hospitals will be sold to the private sector which will update the hospitals to meet medical regulations.

d. keeping the VA hospitals open is a waste of money and the life of 80,000 veterans who have died waiting for proper care.  This saving will be use to increase Veterans pay in benefits which Veterans rightly deserve.  

e. Veterans will immediately be allowed to go to their local Doctor and Hospital of their choice and the VA will pay for veterans care - no deductible or co- pay. It's that simple.    

If you disagree with Dan Martinez's views  Please e- mail Dan At  and he will address your questions with specificity.    


Dan received a comment from a Hospital VA employee not to close the VA Hospitals . She was afraid of  Dan Martinez's action and Donald Trump in closing the hospitals.  I responded that the VA had violated veterans Constitutional right for over 50 years  V, IX and that the Constitution demands accountability. That,  to keep the hospitals open would cause more death to our veterans. which is a constitutional violation. She understood and was seeking a job at a local hospital just to be prepared if it happens.        

Dan Martinez for Secretary of Veterans Affairs