VFW and DAV Scamming Veterans for Profits

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ICC    Global  Administrative Services   Dan Martinez for Secretary of Veterans Affairs  Under the Trump Administration -  Senator Jerry Moran  

Dan Martinez  Secretary for Veterans Affairs investigation reveals VFW, DAV  and Amerian Legion Verna Jones Scamming Veterans For Profits 

Dan Martinez, Secretary for Veterans Affairs on the first 120 days I will revoke the VFW and the DAV and other nonprofit organizations  such as American legion , Verna Jones and CVS who claim to help the Veterans with disabilities and assisting veterans in processing claims for VA benefits. Dan's investigation  reveals  The VFW, DAV CVS, and Verna Jones director of The American Legion is scamming Veterans for Profits and must be held accountable.  

As the Secretary of Veterans Affairs [ Martinez Administration], claims will be easier for Veterans to present claims. There is no reason for the VFW and DAV to offer this assistance to line their pockets when “they are the less effective in giving veterans proper advice”.  Veterans who no longer work for the Government are now civilians and any advice given by these organizations is “The Unauthorized Practice of Law.  Therefore, the VFW and the DAV must be Attorneys or cease-and–desist immediately.   

Non-profit organizations are also lining their pockets conveying that they are helping disabled veterans when indeed, 90 % of the money goes to lining the fat cat’s pockets and only 10 %, if any, goes to the veterans.  Therefore, Martinez will ask the IRS to revoke these fake organization’s status as non- profit and ALL money donate to Veterans will go through the VA Administration. The VA will give companies/ individuals a TAX credit.  

Dan Martinez will use the full extent of the law to fight corruption by Non-profit organization by using our Veterans as a scam to line their own pockets.  If you have any question  my e-mail is  Dan@insuranceclaimsconsult.com

Dan Martinez for Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Cc: Donald J. Trump President -elect